giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, American readers!

I’m not actually sure if I have any non-American readers. If you’re outside of the US of A, give a shout, will you? And have a great Thursday.

boys thanksgiving
From now until forever, thankful for these two (pictured at Thanksgiving last year).


As you’re cooking or prepping or forcing “I’m thankful for…” crafts on your little ones, I want to remind you of something:

You are doing great.

Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents… if you sit down and carve out time to read this silly blog on parenting and life, it leads me to believe you read other things about parenting and life. If you’re reading, you’re thinking; if you’re thinking…

You. Are. Doing. Great.

I know you’ve got a lot to do, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet today. Every week, Ev and I go to my allergist’s office so I can get shots for my allergies. We are always there at the same time, so we see all of the same staff. On a more recent trip, the nurse administering the shots said, “will you be having more little cuties like him?”

I looked at Ev and thought dear heavens, no. Read my last post. I’m a mess. I smiled and said, “nope. He has an older brother — we’re done.”

Before I could even become irritated that she would ask such a question, she replied, “but you’re so good with him! You’re a wonderful mom. You’re the kind of woman we want raising young men and women.”

I spent the rest of the day speechless and floating on a cloud.

Friends, have you heard of “paying it forward?” Doing good before others do good, to inspire them to do the same? I ask you — I implore you — mom it forward.

Find a mom that you know, and tell her what she does well.

Find a mom you don’t know, who is struggling with a toddler who can’t decide whether he wants to be in the cart or out of the cart, and tell her it’s only a season, and she’s doing great.

Go further — bring a mom a dinner or treats, leave an anonymous Starbucks card on her doorstep. How can we encourage each other in this world that often seems to divide us? Share your mom encouragement stories on social media, and use the hashtag #momitforward. Let’s see how far we can go!

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