what i’m into: january 2016

I cannot believe it’s time to recap January. I can tell you, with regret, what I was mostly into this past month: germs. Between strep throat and one of Ev’s infamous stomach bugs, it’s been a rough few weeks. Happily, we all seem to be on the mend (for now!).

As before, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer and her What I’m Into posts. Let’s jump right into the month, shall we?


What I’m Reading

Last month, you may recall, I had started Hoodwinked, a book designed to dispel the damaging myths of mommyhood. I’ve said before that I’m usually not into this kind of preachy self-help book, but this is fabulous. I’ll read it again and again and give it to new moms. From mommy judging to misbehaving kids, this book guides you through everything you will encounter as a mom.

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling (OK, clearly I’m into female comedy superstar memoirs at this phase in my life; I’ll take it). I knew Mindy was something special the first time I saw her on The Office (it was season one’s “Diversity Day,” still one of my all time favorites). This book, much like her first Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is full of humor and celebrity and pure entertainment. I loved it.

Currently reading: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. So far, I’ve determined that Ms. Kondo (clearly I don’t know her as well as Mindy Kaling, with whom I’m on a first name basis, as seen above) is a bit neurotic about her tidying, but to my benefit. Right now we’re talking about decluttering — getting rid of unnecessary items. I love a good purge, so look out, family! Stuff’s going missing.

What I’m Watching

Making A Murderer on Netflix has ruined me for television this month. I started watching it after hearing so much buzz but not really sure what the docu-series was about. Once I started… it was all over. To make a long story short, we’re silent observers in a murder trial that happened ten years ago. There’s conspiracy, there’s deceit, there’s the possibility of an innocent man being found guilty. The worst part is, all of this happened in real life (we’re watching footage from courtrooms, etc). I watched all ten episodes because it became the train wreck I couldn’t stop looking at, but I still have a sick feeling thinking about it.

The rest of my January television was the digital version of comfort food and guilty pleasures.

Sex and the City — hey, did you know this is all on Amazon Prime now? And yes, I know this show is fast and loose and terrible (don’t do as they do or say, kids; actually, don’t watch at all, kids), but I watched it in college and it makes me think of simpler times. Also the 90s fashion and hairstyles are really funny. And I guess I’m about as old now as the girls are in the show — we are really on different paths.

The Biggest Loser. It’s almost hard for me to admit this one because I know it’s another drama-filled reality show looking for ratings above the actual health of their contestants. But — people cry! I cry! I’m part of the problem here. Please don’t think less of me.

What I’m Listening To


I’m still listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack pretty regularly, but it’s had a little competition this month.

Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens. I’ve been a longtime Sufjan fan and love just about everything he’s ever done, but I hadn’t made time to listen to this, his newest album, until this month. It’s amazing. Every song is perfection, but nothing quite makes me feel things like “Fourth of July,” in which he sings the details of his mother’s passing with deep emotion. Don’t listen if you’re trying to get pumped up to work out or something. But grab yourself a tea, perhaps a kleenex for your tears, and go to town.

Walt Disney World Official Album — this is who I am, folks! It’s what I’m into! January is always a big WDW Soundtrack month for me (much like every other month). I could pretend I’m super cool, and leave this off and allow you to think I only listen to popular new musicals and cool indie albums, but that’s not entirely me. Mickey Mouse forever.

Most Liked Instagram of January

I posted a picture of the wine I was drinking when the strep made my throat hurt so insanely bad and nothing would help. I thought, “maybe wine will help.” To be truthful, it didn’t, but I like that I tried and I like that you liked that I tried.

Most Liked Post of January 

your village was the best post of January! Thanks for the huge response, everyone. I’m so grateful for everyone who liked, commented, shared, and told me their own village stories.

That’s January! At the end of the month I’ll tell you how clean my house is (thanks Ms. Kondo), and if I’ve found another female comedian’s book to read. Thanks for reading!

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