thinking thursdays

Hello and welcome back to our summer fun! If you’ve missed any of our plans so far, here’s a brief rundown. Each weekday in summer will have a special theme we’ll plan activities around. We have masterchef mondaystech-free tuesdays, and wacky wednesdays so far, and on Thursdays we’ll be exploring the wonderful world of science!

Just blinding ourselves with science, like ya do.

Our Thursdays will consist of all of our normal daily chores and screen time allotments, but we will also join friends at nearby parks in the morning for a kiddo playdate and a mama Bible Study.

Our Thursday afternoons will be a combination of science experiments and worksheets. I’ve purchased a couple of “science kits” that we’ll use during this time — this is totally unnecessary, but I like that it has instructions and materials for a variety of experiments, and I’m not tasked with having to hunt down a marble or silly putty on Wednesday nights. I have purchased The Magic School Bus: A Journey into the Human Body (for Boone, my self-proclaimed future doctor), Scientific Explorer: Tasty Science Kit (because this kit answers the question “why do cakes rise?” — a tie-in to Masterchef Mondays — I love that!), and Think Box: Build Your Own Rubberband Car Kit (because nothing brings mother and son together like failing to build a car designed to be made by six year olds… just kidding, I have faith Boone can handle this).

You don’t have to purchase kits, however! I’ve found some links to other great kid-friendly experiments:

10 Super Easy Science Experiments for Kids – these are great and accessible, but know that a few of these require materials you may not have on hand.

10 Easy Science Projects for Kids – several of these call for items you probably already have, and it’s important to note that when making lists, people love the number ten, apparently.

We’ll also be doing science worksheets, and here are some great websites with free printables: – for elementary students – for elementary students – for the little ones

Next week will be our last week of summer activity posts — and our first week of actual summer! — so I’ll be able to give you a bit of a review as to how the first few days are going. I’ll also post a list of links and ideas on where we’ll go for “Field Trip Fridays,” our last themed day. (Boone’s lobbying hard for “Special Saturdays” and “Special Sundays,” and I’m inclined to let him have those as long as we are in agreement that “special” means “whatever mama feels up to that day + church on Sunday.”)

If you’re just finishing up the school year, you did it! If you have a while to go, hang in there! And if you’re already done… how’s it going?

As always, happy planning!

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